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Orange County Retired Educators Associates

Orange County Retired Educators Association is a non-profit organization, an affiliate of the Florida Retired Educators Association (FREA) and the National Retired Teachers Association. The Association was formed in 1958 and has grown significantly in over 60 years.


We are an association of retired teachers and university professors. Our aim is to help retired members who are in financial crisis, give scholarships to high school students in our county who want to study teaching at the university, influence legislation, and to volunteer our time in helping others while keeping ourselves meaningfully occupied.

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Our Objectives

  • To operate for educational and charitable purposes.

  • To promote the health and safety of retired educators in Florida, as well as their social, professional, educational, and economic well-being.

  • To help retired educators to maintain their identity with the educational profession, retain their professional concern for the education of young people, and promote lifelong learning for mature adults.

  • To encourage positive involvement in the community and respond to community needs through existing OCREA programs. By volunteering their time and energy, retired educators have something to look forward to.

  • To provide social opportunities for fellowship among retirees.

  • To assist in preparing active educators and prospective retirees for retirement by promoting and assisting in pre-retirement seminars and workshops.

  • To provide leadership in promoting and monitoring legislation that will affect current and future members’ retirement and health benefits and educational issues.

  • To provide scholarships to high school seniors planning to become teachers.

  • To provide scholarships for educators who wish to continue their education in a master’s degree.

  • To raise funds and donate them to several activities and scholarships.

  • To promote the local programs of the Florida Retired Educators Association and the National Retired Teachers Association.

  • To disburse OCREA funds in the furtherance of the objectives of the Association, as set forth above and in accordance with Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code of 1976.

Volunteers Packing Food

Our Activities

Members of our local association, OCREA and our parent FREA, participate in many activities and projects to promote our mutual goals. The following are just a few of them.

  • We support the state legislative committee in various ways. Some of our legislative activities include visiting, calling, writing, and emailing legislators concerning our positions on issues pertaining to retirement legislation and other educational issues that are important to us.


  • We donate regularly to several activities to support both state and local scholarships. Monetary collections at all meetings, and fund-raising activities at district and state meetings are just a few of our activities.


  • Volunteering our time to assist others such as working in schools, hospitals, or churches, tutoring non-English speaking individuals, and serving as docents at local museums and meals-on-wheels, keep our spare time occupied. Providing desserts, other goodies, and household and personal items to The Russell Home for atypical Children and The Ronald McDonald House for families of hospital patients is a popular project. We also collect pop-top tabs for their collection.

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